Societi Bistro | The Snug
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The Snug

societi-bistro-the-snugCanapés in


The Snug

at Societi Bistro


An intimate space that transports you back to a time when you could enjoy a drink and a secret puff at leisure.


This secret space can be reserved exclusively for your decadent cocktail party with your own selection of canapés, drinks and your personal music in the background.


To reserve The Snug exclusively, we require a minimum spend of R3,000 on food.

We recommend a minimum of 5 canapés per person with a maximum of 8 items per function.


The Snug Canapés


Mushroom Risotto Arancini   32
mozzarella, pomodoro, 3 balls

Pan-fried Halloumi   34
lemon zest, 3 pieces

Vegetable Croquette  25
3 balls

Jalapeño Piedmontese   18
cream cheese, Grana Padano, 1 piece

Societi Bistro Ceviche   20
lemon, lime, 1 skewer

West Coast Oyster   26
lemon, 1 oyster

Tataki Skewer   22
beef, mushroom, 1 skewer

Pulled Pork ‘Toffee Apple’ Bao   37
1 bao

Pancetta Bitterballen   49
Grana Padano, 3 balls

Mini Vetkoek Burger   39
emmental, 1 mini burger

Po’ Boy Bao   22
hake, 1 bao



The Snug accommodates a maximum 50 people with a mix of standing and seated in true cocktail party fashion.


Enquire about The Snug:

To enquire about The Snug, please send us your details below and we will reply to your request within 48 hours.



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