Reduced usage – a huge thank you to all our guests for contributing to our reduced water usage! Our restroom signs encourage using water sparingly. Through regular internal audits and training, our entire team has drastically reduced our water use, and continue to conserve water.
Ice Machine Water Recycling – As ice melts in our ice machine, a device filters and recycles this water back into the ice machine, to make ice from it again, thereby resulting in virtually no loss of water.
Our ice buckets are communal and limited to one per room, utilising dry ice bricks. At the end of service, we use the remaining greywater from the ice buckets to water our plants and vegetable patch.
In addition to council’s water pressure reduction, we have also reduced the water inlet pressure.
Our dishwasher is only used when loaded to the max.
Utilising hygienic food defrosting.
We have drastically reduced our laundry. Table overlays have been replaced with the very bistro-esque paper sheets – ask your waiter for crayons to express yourself! We’ve also implemented luxury airlaid paper napkins.
Restrooms – we’ve added bricks to all cisterns, resulting in less water being used per flush. Basin water has been turned off and a hygienic waterless hand cleanser installed.
Use of microfibre cloths, using less water, when cleaning. Incorporation of certain chemicals to continue to reduce usage, and implementation of spray bottles rather than buckets of water where appropriate.
All our fountains have been turned off.
We continue to provide all our guests with tap water at no charge. AquaBella, our spring water supplier, has ensured us sufficient supply and availability in the months ahead, along with maintaining our current pricing.
Temporary No-Water Phase
Should Cape Town’s water supply be interrupted, we will remain open, with certain provisions in place to ensure our hygiene standards are maintained.
Our chefs are working hard to make our upcoming menu as water-conscious as possible, this may result in a few of our guests’ favourite meals not being available during this period.
We will continue to apply our hygiene and safety standards during this period, and where water is required, buy in as needed.
Depending on availability from our suppliers, there might be some days where ice will be unavailable.
Select coffee and tea options might not be available from time-to-time.
Our restrooms will have a dedicated valet if required.
Should you feel that there is anything we can do better to reduce our water usage and enhance your experience at Societi Bistro, please let us know.

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