Candice Bresler
Casual and informal bistro in Gardens, Cape Town, with a great little bar, The Snug.
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Candice Bresler

About This Project

Cadice Bresler of Damsel in a Dress developed the new vegan meal named after her on our autumn menu with us!

“It’s actually a version of something I like to enjoy at home,

so I hope it’s something that diners will enjoy too.”

The amazing vegan meal is Black Bean Tacos with jalapeño and chilli chocolate.

We asked Candice a few questions about her and being featured on the Autumn Menu;


What is your profession?
Social media manager and blogger.


What is your favourite leisure activity?
Does “drinking wine” count as a leisure activity? Add in a good movie or book, and you have my perfect night in.


Who is your favourite South African clothing designer?
Without a doubt, local design duo, Ruff Tung. Their clothing designs are just exceptional and really make every woman feel like a goddess, regardless of their size or shape.


How do you feel about appearing on the Societi Bistro menu and your vegan meal in particular?
Quite honoured, actually! It’s a bit of a Cape Town institution, so to have a dish named after me is a complete honour – I may or may not have the menu framed at home once autumn is over. In terms of helping develop a vegan meal, I feel that non-meat eaters still get a bit of a tough deal when it comes to dining out, with the choices not normally particularly well thought out. So, to help make something delicious, that everyone can enjoy – was an honour. It’s actually a version of something I like to enjoy at home, so I hope it’s something that diners will enjoy too.


What is your favourite food to indulge in?
I have an incurable sweet tooth, so give me ice cream or chocolate and I’m happy.


The Candice Bresler is available on the Societi Bistro Autumn Menu.



Societi Bistro