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Tour Through Italy WIN

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The top 10 entries will each win two tickets to the private launch party of the culinary Tour Through Italy at Societi Bistro, plus a voucher for two to one of the culinary Tour Through Italy regional menus, which includes three courses and a glass of paired wine at Societi Bistro.
To enter, winners told us about their most unique, memorable or romantic experience in Italy.

Congratulations to the winners;


Bronwyn Kae-Kazim

Cheryl von Solms

Gary De Klerk

Laura Ford

Leigh Davies

Lerato Shai

Mandy Thompson

Nadine Carroll

Tania Sabor

Zarina Ahmid


Brenda Wilkinson

Camilla Cameron

Carmen Dickenson

Claudine De Villiers

Dina Dos Santos

Franco Fernandes

Gary De Klerk

Ilario Orlandi

Talitha Jansen

Tiana Jansen


2016 Winners


Carol Jackson

Gary De Klerk

Hilary Matthee

Josephine Buys

Juliet King

Keshma Makan

Laura Otto


Tarryn Bento

Robert Shone

2015 Winners


Launch Party Winners:

“My most unique and memorable moment of Italy will have to be walking up the cobble stone road to the majestic town of San Gimignano of Tuscany! Seeing the medieval skyscrapers and picturesque buildings was totally breathtaking. Arriving in the tiny hill top town almost felt like stepping into what looked like a 14th century pop out book! The smell of cheese and wine was always in the air. It will be hard for me to ever forget their famous, award winning gelato ice cream takeaway shop! Hundreds of mouth watering flavours to chose from. Although I couldn’t take Ice cream home with me, I was able to buy a pungent but aromatic bottle of white truffle oil from the region. Mouth watering and has been a hit with ever pasta back home! 
Although San Gimignano is only accessible via bus or hired car, it is 100% worth the visit.”

– Andrew Lightley

“I have only one as I have been in Italy for just a day, and only on Sicily and not the mainland. So it qualifies a unique.

It was a misty day spent in Taormina, a village idyllically perched on a rocky promontory high above the sea.

Being a foodie, most memorable is having pasta in the small side streets of a town that dates back to Greco-Roman times. Tomato tastes so much better in Italy, it may be a trick one’s mind plays because you tell yourself you are in Italy, but there is a certain sweetness that I have not experienced anywhere else from a humble vegetable (or is it a fruit?).”

– David Jacobs

“The aeroplane descending on San Marco Airport, followed by a speedboat drive to the Hotel was pretty special. 

Dancing to the romantic Italian band at a restaurant in San Marco Square.”

– Elton

“Drinking that stunning glass of red, on a picnic blanket under the olives, looking out over a valley as the sun is setting. There is some amazing cheese, too.”

– Jason Francisco

“My first time in Italy was during August 2012 with my sister. We travelled by train exploring Rome, Florence and finally the Cinque Terre. 

We stayed in a little town called La Spezia where we travelled by train to the first little town of the Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore. Here we started our hike and went from town to town – swimming in the little bay of Monterosso al Mare. 

It was one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever experienced and the I find myself thinking back to that day often. Especially, the amazing italian pizza we shared along the way. 


– Jane Paterson

“On a school trip to Florence, we stayed in a hostel above a gelato shop. 1 scoop of ice cream was 1 euro, so after we rejected the hostel breakfast (shriveled ham, plastic cheese and stodgy “croissants”), we enjoyed a scoop or two of the most incredible gelato for breakfast every single morning – and several additional times throughout the day!!”

– Juliet King

“Venice holds some brilliant holiday memories …. While ambling through the Rialto Market with my mate, Kimmy, I strolled onto the Rialto bridge in San Polo and was so busy soaking up the smells and sights by the time I returned to reality I discovered Kimmy was MIA. 

Instead of wasting time searching for her I consoled myself by finding Vivoli and buying myself the biggest scoop of pistachio gelato – savouring each lick while people watching in the piazza. It made me realise that my first love will always be food.

The only sigh coming from the Bridge of sighs that day was Kimmy’s … who eventually found me eating at one of the Osteria’s – and she quickly forgave me when I offered her a glass of Pinot Grigio!”

– Michelle McSorley

“When I was in Venice we bought a bottle of bubbly, some bread and cold meats and decided to enjoy a gondola ride, 4 single ladies we picked the hottest gondelier we could find and climbed on his gondola for a relaxing trip. While enjoying the trip we noticed all the other gondeliers around us were singing beautiful Italian love songs as they steered their gondolas which echoed down the canals, so beautiful. We asked our gondelier why he wasn’t singing for us, he said no problem I will sing for you, he broke into a loud vocal of “like a virgin” and for the rest of the ride he sang all Madonna songs, my best story still start laughing every time I hear or see anything about a gondola.”

– Michelle Parker

“We were staying in a little town called Figline Valdarno and after managing to navigate our way through breakfast using some very basic Italian I confidently decided to order coffee.
Calling the waitress over I asked for “Quattro Latte”. With a bemused look she repeated “Quattro Latte” and with slightly less confidence we all answered “Si”. Cue much animated discussion with the manager and then the chef who all came over and repeated “Quattro Latte?”. After about 10 minutes a big jug of hot milk with 4 cups was placed in the centre of the table with quizzical looks all around. After that we decided it was better just to order a cappuccino.”

– Peter Imrie

“It started in Verona on our 1st of 4 trips to Italy…I was mesmerised by the fashionably clad “la gente” from junior Lorenzo to nonna Ale…The “sweet life” seemed to be oozing out of everyone.How they spoke and gesticulated, how they savoured their pastas or just walked by on the streets led to our returns, with the highlight being a week tour around “Lago di Garda”. Our days were spent by the water, on the water and in the water…taking strolls through towns like Malcesine, Limone and Bardolino..sipping a Spritz come sunset, ready to indulge in the cuisine. Italy reminded me of home, of Cape Town…and it was on that last trip that my hubby and I made the decision to move back here – that was 5 years ago and we are happier for having made that decision, all thanks to Italia :)”

– Ruth Manning-Doetz

2014 Winners



Bronwyn Day

Cheryl Christie

Chloe-Simone Head

Dallace Jolly

Linda Johnson


Michael Sachar

Tamlyn Roman

Theesan Vedan

2013 Winners


Winners notified via email. Competition closes 21 April 2017. Winners announced 28 April 2017. The top 10 entries will receive double tickets to the Societi Bistro culinary Tour Through Italy launch party at 12:00 on Saturday 6 May 2017, and voucher for two to a random region’s menu in the Tour Through Italy at the media launch, valid only for that region’s three course menu and a paired glass of wine for two guests. No Changes or Substitutions. Ts&Cs Apply. E&OE. Legal.