Aimee Eveleigh

The 2015 Societi Bistro Winter Menu features the Aimee Eveleigh, a vegan Thai curry with winter vegetables, cauli-rice and pawpaw salsa, named after the popular 2oceansvibe Radio producer and presenter.  Aimee Eveleigh[/caption] We recently had the opportunity to ask Aimee a few questions over lunch at Societi Bistro.   What is your profession? Radio Journalist and Producer, Presenter of The #WhatTheFoodShow on 2oceansvibe Radio & The Abstract AIMEE Show. I'm also a Food & Wine Writer for 2oceansvibe and a Health & Nutrition Guru . I have a business which offers advice to woman...

African Relish

Executive chef Stéfan Marais will be conducting cooking classes at African Relish in the Karroo this weekend!   We wish him and his students all the best as they create wonderful meals using fresh seasonal produce!  

Bella Laity

We are very happy to welcome the passionate and professional chef Bella Laity back at Societi Bistro!  Bella will be assisting executive chef Stéfan Marais with training and developing advanced skills with staff in the kitchen.   Welcome to the family!

Apple News

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A celebration of the future by embracing the present and honouring the past   With 2016 being a leap year, 29th February 2016 was the perfect day for Matthew Krone to launch his new limited-release Special Cuvee MCC, the ALEXANDRA de la Marque Krone at Societi Bistro.   Some time has passed since Matthew Krone’s family lost their centuries old family farm and left behind the old family brand, but this has not dampened the passion for winemaking that courses through Matthew Krone’s veins.       Humbled by the birth of their daughter, Sarah and Matthew Krone wanted to name this prestige MCC...

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