Societi Bistro Head Chef

Societi Bistro head chef Julien Handley.

Chef Julien Handley continues the Societi Bistro legacy of seasonal produce, accessible food and exceptional value on the menu – the heart and soul of Societi Bistro. The popular Chef’s Table in the House Kitchen – where Julien meets with guests to create an exclusive feast with fresh and seasonal produce – has him inspired to be adventurous, suggesting his favorite French dishes like Terrines, Coq au Vin and Cassoulet.

The hands-on programme, Kitchen UNconfidential, encourages brave participants to spend a few days in a professional restaurant kitchen. Here they learn, first hand, how to cook Bistro style, which is what chef Julien Handley is truly passionate about! He is enthusiastic to coach those brave and fervent for authentic Societi Bistro meals.

He is currently working on a new canapé menu for The Snug, to reflect his love of entertaining in the most sociable way possible – the cocktail party.

Chef Julien Handley came to Societi Bistro purely for his love of French and Italian cuisine. He says he would love to cook forgotten regional French dishes, his personal favourites that “have gone out of fashion” for the Societi Bistro black boards, meals like Clafoutis, Tartiflette and Rossigni Omelette.

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