Sithembele Shezi


In celebration of his new dish on our Summer Menu, lifestyle strategist and analyst Sithembele Shezi, recently answered a few questions for us;

What was your dream job when you were growing up?
I wanted to be a doctor and was obsessed with the fanstastical idea of “fixing” everyone.
What does a typical day in your working life look like?
It’s mostly spent in my car getting myself frantically from place to place/meeting to meeting – thankfully music is my constant companion in all this journeying. 
One of your most inspiring experiences in your career to date?
Having lunch with Doctor Mamphela Ramphele.
What is your favourite leisure activity?
Photography – no questions asked!
How do you feel about appearing on the Societi Bistro menu and the octopus in particular?
Who wouldn’t want to be on Societi Bistro’s menu – it’s everyone’s favourite local haunt! Very chuff’d indeed! 

What is your favourite food to indulge in?
Seafood and shellfish in particular!


The Sithembele Shezi is available on the Societi Bistro Summer Menu.

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