Sandwich Menu Winners

Congratulations to all the winners, who are awarded a R300.00 Societi Bistro voucher. We may use your suggested sandwiches on any given day.

Congratulations also to the deserving runners up who receive a R150.00 Societi Bistro voucher. Thank you so much for participating in our competition!


Grete Simanauskaite

Jonathan Zurel

Lara Dunwell

Leesette James

Susan Hayden

Sylvie Hurford

Tara Notcutt

Societi Bistro Lunchtime Sandwiches Menu


Abby Buchanan, Alana Davids, Alenxandra Goldberg, Andrew Whelan, Anna-Mart Fourie, Bjorn Guido, Brenda, Brenda Smit, Candy, Carey Erasmus, Carolyn Lewis, Catherine Kannemeyer, Chiara Cachalia, Cindy Matungulu, Claire Ferrandi, Daniela Massenz, Deirdre Vrancken, Dominique dHotman, Dominique Falconer, Doreen Chaplin, Elaine Hurford, Emily, Gerard Smit, Heather Nel, Heather Parker, Heidi Ocker, Helena, Hennie Coetzee, Hilde Poulter, Jane Smith, Janine van Zyl, Jeani Louw, Jennifer Norman, Juliet King, Kyle Miller, Lee-Ann, Leigh Carolus, Letitia Thiart, Lorien Bolus, Lynn Botha, Mark, Mary Nagel, Melissa Chetty, Michael Sachar, Neil Hopwood, Sarah Healey, Shadleigh Roscoe, Shahieda Ohlson, Shaun Trennery, Sherry Walklett, Stephan Bertens, Theresa Acker & Wyno Simes.

Please note the following:

There were many duplicate or similar entries - the first to suggest these got the prize. Winners and Runners Up are listed in alphabetical order by first name. We have reserved the right to tweak the exact ingredients of some entries. Please collect your winning or runners up vouchers from Societi Bistro. The vouchers are valid from Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 15:00.

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