Philip Krawitz

Philip Krawitz, executive chairman of the Cape Union Mart Group, answered a few questions for us in celebration of his meal on the Autumn Menu.

How do you feel about appearing on the Societi Bistro menu and the Philip Krawitz in particular?

Deliciously honoured.
What was your dream job when you were growing up?

To be Captain of the world’s biggest ship!
What does a typical day in your working life look like?

News catch up, E-Mails, phone calls, Board Meetings, Luncheons…
One of your most inspiring experiences in your career to date?

Seeing our K-Way Factory win the Top SA National Productivity Award.
What is your favourite question to ask a prospective employee?

How will you add value to our company?
What is your favourite leisure activity?

Playing bad golf!
Who is your favourite South African designer?

Our very own K-Way!
What is your favourite food to indulge in?

A really great hamburger.

Any memories you would like to share about Societi Bistro?

Watching Peter Weetman’s face when I told him that his Beetroot Carpaccio (the Philip Krawtiz) was almost as good as my grandmother’s Borscht!

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