Paris in Autumn

Societi Bistro head chef ;

"Autumn or fall, is by far the best season for me in Paris, it is when all the true Parisians come out and you can really experience the city, when dozens of regional or terroir markets pop up on every corner.

You will find at Notre Dame, or Pont Saint phillipe, Place Saint Sulpice at the farmers markets, the "foir au gras" (fat fairs) where you have endless choices of sausages, patés, terrines and foie gras, confit de canards, roasted chestnuts and all great other rich delicacies.

It is also a great time for mushrooms season, when cepes and champignons de paris come out, without forgetting the apple festival to the north, where dozens of varieties and ciders are availlable to sample and purchase.

An event where most families queue at the wine shops , is for the much awaited launch of the Beaujolais Nouveau, an exclusive wine , with great bold tastes with very limited stocks.

to conclude, but never the least, some of the richest and creamiest fromages make their way to the city."

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