Neil Pendock

In celebration of the new addition to our Autumn Menu, the Neil Pendock, we recently asked him a few questions.
The meal on our Autumn Menu named after Neil is the Pork Neck, stuffed with apple, sage, and cream cheese, which is then rolled and slowly roasted, with slice served on buttered mash potatoes, with a mustard cream with green beans and pearl onions.


What is your profession?
Poodle parent. 🐩
What was your dream job when you were growing up?
Returning empty cooldrink bottles to corner cafes for refunds of chappies bubblegum.
What does a typical day in your working life look like?
R16.95 mini-English breakfast at Food Lover’s Market, coffee and tattoo gazing at De Luxe CoffeeWorks in Church Street, shopping for 1.5L Aquelle sparkling natural spring water at Clicks for R11.50 then off to the Cape Town Club on Queen Victoria Street to watch JSE stock gymnastics on the complimentary wireless internet.
One of your most inspiring experiences in your career to date?
Having the opportunity to tour Portugal.
What is your favourite question to ask a prospective employee?
Are you still infectious?
What is your favourite leisure activity?
Reading back copies of Private Eye.
Who is your favourite South African clothing designer?
Daniël Pretorius.

How do you feel about appearing on the Societi Bistro menu?
Crazy proud!
What is your favourite food to indulge in?
Any memories you would like to share about Societi Bistro?
The “happy” youtube video which makes Pharrell Williams look tired… 

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