At Societi Bistro we continue to expand our positive approach to sustainability and further our eco-friendly method of running and maintaining our restaurant.

Our latest contribution to protecting the environment, and the health of our guests and employees, is that we use Kärcher Natural Steam Machines to thoroughly and hygienically clean our kitchen and cooking areas, a vastly  superior method of cleaning to traditional methods using water, chemicals and a mop. Steam cleaning also prevents allergen residues from forming on our kitchen equipment and surfaces and removes 99.99% of bacteria.

The use of the Kärcher systems at Societi Bistro also helps to save our environment by conserving drinking water, preventing water supply chemical contamination. We also save on energy and time compared to traditional methods.

Discover more about the power of steam.

Visit ITS to discover more about the Kärcher systems, like we use at Societi Bistro.

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