Kamil Stypułkowski

European patent and immigration lawyer Kamil Stypułkowski recently answered a few questions for us over lunch at Societi Bistro.
Kamil, who is also the partner of Societi Bistro owner Peter Weetman, has his favourite meal named after him on our Winter Menu;

Kamil’s Spaghetti

trout, vodka cream, courgette, trout caviar


Kamil Stypułkowski

Kamil Stypułkowski

What was your dream job when you were growing up?


A medical doctor.
What does a typical day in your working life look like?

Meetings with clients… papers… papers and more papers.

What is the most inspiring events in your career?

Seeing a smile and tears of joy of people who I was able to help to legally enter the country.

What is your favourite question to ask a prospective employee?

“Describe a situation when you had to convince someone who from the beginning was against your point of view. How did you manage to do it?”.

Who is your favourite South African fashion designer?

Adrian Kuiters.
What is your favourite food to indulge in?

The Societi Bistro Sirloin Steak. Lol.
How do you feel about appearing on the Societi Bistro menu and The Kamil’s Spaghetti in particular?


Any memories you would like to share about Societi Bistro?

Too many to tell… my surprise welcome to South Africa party ;-).

The Kamil’s Spaghetti is available on the Societi Bistro Winter & Spring Menu.

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