Jenna McArthur

Jenna McArthur, the owner of Jenna McArthur PR and regular Societi Bistro guest, has following dish named after her on the Winter Menu:


Jenna McArthur

west coast mussels, onion, oven-roasted garlic, cream, white wine, croûtes


We recently had the opportunity to ask Jenna a few questions;


What is your profession?

I own a bespoke PR agency. We specialise in fashion PR. 


Societi Bistro - Jenna McArthur

Jenna McArthur

What does a typical day in your working life look like?

Many coffees (too many), meeting with clients and collaborators, conceptualising launch events, liaising with media and press and a whole lot of social media somewhere in between. 


Who is your favourite South African designer?

I love Adriaan Kuiters and Pichulik for their authenticity and the way they both push boundaries in their craft.

Any memories you would like to share about Societi Bistro?

There are simply too many to list but for me, it’s a place that reminds me of friends, laughter and bloody great food. I love that at any given time I can pop in and someone I love will be there!


The Societi Bistro Winter Menu is available from July 2015.

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