Hometown Produce

"Seasonal produce plays an important role in my home town as it is surrounded by a large farming community, most of which grow very seasonal crops. Nelspruit is a big citrus producer and the HL & Hall farms in and around the town are synonymous with citrus juices, fresh citrus (and other) fruits. The high school I attended, Penryn college, is actually situated on HL & Hall farmland. As far as I can remember, the main crop in the autumn time in the area surrounding town was always avocados. I remember as the weather got a little bit cooler you would just see avocados everywhere! On trees planted in neat rows just outside of town, being sold on street corners for next to nothing, in people’s gardens, I mean everywhere!

The other fruits that start out slowly towards the end of autumn are the local citrus. I remember the rows and rows of trees right outside of town on the Eastern end that would start sporting their orange and yellow fruits roundabout the same time the school rugby season started. If one heads further east towards Malalane and Mozambique there are literally hundreds of thousands of citrus trees planted along the route."

- Societi Executive Chef Stéfan Marais.

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