Grant Davison

For early risers, like Grant Davison, nothing can be more gratifying than ending a demanding workday savouring an al fresco dinner with friends, enjoying what must surely be one of the ultimate comfort foods. Societi Bistro’s Grant Davison, a delectable pairing of melt-in-the-mouth confit free range pork belly, enveloped in a glistening glaze of liquorice bark infused lacquer and balanced with a salad of fresh stone fruit, provides immediate satisfaction with every moreish bite, while still leaving enough room for a slice of New York-style baked Cheesecake, another favourite of Grant’s.


What is your profession?
I’m a Senior Consultant at Meropa, a Marketing Communications agency.


What does a typical day in your working life look like?
No such thing as a typical day. An early morning start with media summaries, often via conference call, on issues relating to clients and our response, returning emails and messages that have come in overnight or unanswered from the day before, following-up outstanding communiqué that need to be issued that day, briefing journalists on projects and events which are upcoming and making sure that my communications unit is on top of everything all the time. It never ends.

One of your most inspiring experiences in your career to date?
The honour of being given a private tour of The Apartheid Museum in Jozi by Archbishop Desmond Tutu during the FIFA 2010 World Cup, with the Board of Louis Vuitton. All the items, which were part of the display, had personal memories, which he shared with us – and hearing it from someone who lived it rather than reading about it – made the experience more alive and real.


What is your favourite leisure activity?
Depending on if I’m in Cape Town or not but no weekend would be complete without spending time with friends at the Oranjezicht City Farmer’s market for bagels, coffee and catch-up or joining a hike around Coetzenburg on a Sunday afternoon to clear the cobwebs and get ready for the week ahead.


Who is your favourite South African designer?
South Africa has such a rich collective of design talent, so would be difficult to choose just one, however, Kim/Gush always manages to catch my eye with her interesting and urban design and aesthetic.


How do you feel about appearing on the Societi Bistro menu and the dish in particular?
Honoured. It’s like Hermès naming a bag after you.


What is your favourite food to indulge in?
Anything that’s fresh and locally sourced always makes for a great dish. It also doesn’t take very much persuasion to tempt me in to having Societi Bistro’s cheesecake, or taking one home to indulge in later, where I don’t feel obliged to share!


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