Daniela Massenz

Media specialist Daniela Massenz has a pasta named after her on the Societi Bistro Spring Menu.
The Daniela Massenz is homemade spaghetti with new season vegetables and Grana Padano.
Daniela recently answered a few questions for us:
What was your dream job when you were growing up?
Marine biologist working with Jacques Cousteau.
Societi BistroWhat does a typical day in your working life look like?
A mad dash while juggling many balls, either smiling or cursing
One of your most inspiring experiences in your career to date?
Going to Madagascar and watching the miracle workers who are Operation Smile at work.
What is your favourite question to ask a prospective employee?
‘What do words mean to you?’
Who is your favourite South African designer?
Malcolm Kluk, Jenny le Roux and Jackie Burger’s curated collections.

How do you feel about appearing on the Societi Bistro menu and the dish in particular?
I feel honoured, a bit shy, and I hope everyone enjoys me.
What is your favourite food to indulge in?
Sushi, goat cheese crostini and salad, homemade pistachio ice cream.
Any memories you would like to share about Societi Bistro?
Too, too many to list, but two stand out – our ‘freelancers Xmas party’ with my favourite freelancing friends – Societi Bistro really made it very special; and a 10-year school reunion, where the evening was enjoyed by all.

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