Autumn Lifestyle

Societi Bistro & Societi Brasserie Executive Chef Stéfan Marais;

"Autumn in Cape Town is the colorful pioneer to the coming rainy winter. The unbearably hot and often windy summer days are slowly but surely replaced by more moderate weather and the wind generally seems to start behaving itself until it eventually blows in the cold weather.

[caption id="attachment_388" align="alignleft" width="199"] Cape Town Oaks in Autumn. © Portfolio Collection.[/caption]

In early Autumn, when the balmy evenings are still plentiful, I love spending time in our outside area after a long and hot day in the kitchen. The atmosphere is electrifying – a light cool breeze, friendly conversation featuring as background music, beautiful views of Table mountain and the most amazing colours in the sky as the sun starts setting earlier and earlier.

The only place I enjoy more than our outside area once the weather starts changing is the Societi Kitchens. We start replacing olive oil based summer dishes with their creamier stock based cousins. The stock pot is always gently simmering away in a back corner of the stove filling the kitchen with enticing aromas. As the leaves on our tree-lined streets start to change colour, our cookery methods also start changing as we move away from lighter Italian style grilling and searing of produce to beautiful French style slow braised dishes and confits. Personally, I have always been partial to cooking in colder weather – there is nothing better than hiding away from the cold in a warm kitchen taking a few simple ingredients and embracing the "slow food cooking movement methods", resulting in delicious, warming and comforting meals."

Durbanville Hills in Autumn. © Ian van Wyk.

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