Autumn Family Story

Executive Chef Stéfan Marais:

"As a child growing up in Nelspruit in Mpumalanga, Autumn was one of my favourite times of the year.  Nelspruit lies in a sub-tropical region and doesn’t experience the worst cold weather by a long shot. As a result the first bit of cold weather that swept across the town in Autumn usually meant my mom, Estelle bringing her crêpe pan out. Crêpes were a big family affair, we all had our role: mom’s bolognaise, my cheese sauce and my brother’s cinnamon-sugar-lemon mixture.

I remember us having competitions of who could flip their crêpes the best. My dad, Roelf, was always on hand to “sample” our wares - that was his role in the big Sunday night crêpe affair. When we were not running our own crêpe production line at home, another family activity would be to head out to a famous farm stall, Eric’s Stall, around 30 kilometres out-of-town. What was on the menu? Nothing but crêpes... come to think of it now... why was I a podgy child? Who cares?  Colder weather is the best!"

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