Autumn Childhood Memories

Executive Chef Stéfan Marais:

"I was raised in Nelspruit in Mpumalanga which has fairly tropical weather. Winter didn’t feature much on our annual calendar and autumn almost always slipped past my family unnoticed. We had a wonderful garden growing up with many trees, most of which were evergreen so I had to rely on our Avocado trees to let me know when it was autumn time.

My mom is an incredible cook – but there was one meal that she outdid herself with – Saturday morning breakfast! The rest of week it was up to my dad to sort the two boys out with their morning meal. For much of the year our choices were bound to be porridge, cereal, yoghurt & fruit or some toast and preserves, but in the autumn months there was a special treat on most mornings. Ripe avocados from one of our trees in the garden mashed up with some fresh lemon and a sprinkle of salt and black pepper on whole wheat toast – probably one of my fondest food memories. Today this autumn tradition carries on with our butternut, sweet potato and avocado salad at Societi."

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