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With 2016 being a leap year, 29th February 2016 was the perfect day for Matthew Krone to launch his new limited-release Special Cuvee MCC, the ALEXANDRA de la Marque Krone at Societi Bistro.


Some time has passed since Matthew Krone’s family lost their centuries old family farm and left behind the old family brand, but this has not dampened the passion for winemaking that courses through Matthew Krone’s veins.



The Krone Family


Humbled by the birth of their daughter, Sarah and Matthew Krone wanted to name this prestige MCC after their first child. Her joyous arrival into their lives inspired in Matthew a new sense of hope and purpose, and an immense feeling of responsibility for her future.


Being fortunate enough to have learnt his winemaking skills from his father and grandfather, both highly respected winemakers, a sense of honour and passion for everything he does has been instilled in Matthew. These formidable role-models taught him to always ‘give back more than you take’, and this philosophy continues to be applied, and is visible, in every facet of his life.

Says Matthew: “My winemaking heritage of 300 years is not limited to a place or brand, but rather the winemaking philosophy of my family over the years. It is this and my dreams for the future that guarantee the quality of my wines as an independent winemaker”.



A blend of 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir grapes, the ALEXANDRA de la Marque Krone was bottle fermented (matured on lees) for five years prior to dégorgement. This extended bottle fermentation process gives the wine a beautiful complexity and depth on the nose and palate.

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