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Societi Bistro

Societi Bistro is a neighbourhood “local”. A sanctuary for Capetonians and visitors looking for a home from home. More than cuisine – its a way of life – taking time to savour a meal and enjoy the company of family and friends.


“We love it! Its an extension of our home”, is how Tammy and Peter have always described their restaurants. The heart and soul of Societi Bistro remains its menu – adapted seasonally with executive chef Stéfan Marais at the helm – proving his love for seasonal produce, accessible food and offering exceptional value. Simply put: Societi Bistro creates memories!


Restoring their 200 year-old Georgian-style home in Cape Town”s Orange Street has inspired creativity and the process seems to have been infectious. We have launched many new initiatives since we have taken up residence in Gardens, such as Kitchen UNconfidential (a chef”s course) and the popular Chef”s Table in the House Kitchen.



About Societi Bistro – Video:


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